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Miroslav Hamouz is an acknowledged expert in the fields of image and video processing, pattern recognition and speech technologies with more than nine years of professional experience.  He is currently employed by Autonomy - FTSE 100 company leading the meaning based computing revolution - where he works on speech-to-text solutions. Before Autonomy Miroslav was working for the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing as the principal research officer in the "2D+3D=ID" project which focused on design and development of  a  robust biometric 3D face recognition system. Industrial partners in the project were OmniPerception Ltd., IBM UK, and Police Information Technology Organisation (PITO) - now NPIA.

Miroslav has had extensive hands-on experience in management of challenging R&D projects and in design and development of pattern recognition, image analysis and speech-to-text software. Miroslav's key mathematical skills include statistical modelling, machine learning, prediction, regression, optimization, and discrete mathematics. Main software skills include thorough knowledge of C++/C, Perl, Matlab, Python, and Linux at the administration level in a production environment.

Miroslav has published 25 papers in high impact journals, conferences and books (see Publications) and acted as a reviewer for prestigous scientific journals and conferences such as IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Pattern Recognition Letters and Optical Engineering.


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